Stranger Collaborations

46 images Created 11 Jul 2014

These images are a result of digital serendipity, as it were. They were created with an iPhone app called Dubble, which takes a photo of your own and double exposes it randomly with an image from another user. Upon trying it and getting a few interesting results, I was instantly hooked. I like the idea of collaborating with strangers and creating an image that is, theoretically anyway, completely unique, never to be reproduced again. I start by choosing an image with a strong subject from my archive, upload it, and the app does all the rest. Waiting anxiously for the resulting image to load is like a opening tiny gift each time. Some are amazing, some ok, and some just don’t work for me and are deleted right away. I run the process several times on an image, looking for a result that will let my image remain fairly prominent, but which adds interesting elements, which could be literally anything as you’ll see. I’m looking for something with some depth, complexity, an image that keeps your eye moving around the frame, and that which invokes a sense of intrigue. Whether you like the images or not, I think can only take a quarter of the credit for what has been produced. Another twenty five percent comes from the other user’s image of course, and the remaining half is luck, providence, divine intervention, a fluke or whatever you’d like to call it, but I do hope you’ll find them as interesting to look at as I do.
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