I Am Now: Dioxin's Legacy in Vietnam

29 images Created 5 May 2014

“I Am Now” is a long term personal project looking at the modern day effects of dioxin, more commonly known as Agent Orange, in Vietnam. Most associate this chemical with the warfare that happened here four decades ago, but far fewer are aware that the effects of one of the most toxic substances ever made by man, still continue today, and are estimated to continue for up to five more generations. It can take hold of the body in many different, yet now fairly predictable ways. Physical defects, mental defects, and at worse, both. Some of the luckier ones have dealt with the disability, are working toward fruitful lives. Others, with no such speck of hope, remain caged in their body and whatever thoughts might be in their mind. They did nothing to deserve this. Their parents did nothing to deserve this. No humans on Earth did anything to deserve this. How can corporations, governments and man unleash such substances on the world, and then wash their hands of it, offering not a single shred of responsibility? Countless stories and images of these plights have already been recorded, yet in order for us to never forget, I will continue to show that this is happening right now, and every instance of now into the foreseeable future.
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